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Ender Pearl Teleporting

Basic teleporting on this server uses enderpearls as fuel. If you're looking for Stargates click here

Teleporting Home

You can teleport to your set home (Your home is set by shift right clicking on a bed.) by looking at the ground and tossing an enderpearl at your feet.

Teleporting to Spawn

Teleporting to spawn works the same as teleporting to home but you must be standing in water when throwing the enderpearl or alternatively you may hold a bucket of water in your offhand.

Teleporting to Other Players

Teleporting to other players can be achieved by shift right clicking with an enderpearl. This will bring up an inventory with items that correlate to different players on the server. Hovering over the items will display the name of the player. These items are assigned randomly on first joining the server but will not change following that.