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Stargates are an advanced form of travel that costs nothing to use but has a high initial cost of eight diamond blocks and two beacons. Stargates allow for easier travel to public or private places using a portal.

Making a Portal

Stargates are made using eight diamonds and two beacons placed as in the picture above. The orange wool can be replaced with any block of your choosing. A stargate sign and a button must be placed on the same side as each other for a valid portal. Once you have a valid stargate sign right click with a flint and steel on the inside of the portal and you will receive a message that the portal was successfully created.
The format for the stargate signs are as follows:

The stargate-name is what identifies the specific stargate and the network-name will be the network that this stargate is located on. If no network-name is defined it will default to the “public” network which is what the spawn stargate is on. Although there are no private networks you can make a network with a random string of characters making it highly unlikely for someone to guess it.

Using a Portal

To use a portal you right click on the stargate sign it it will cycle through the names of the stargates located on the network. Once you find the portal you want, simply click the button on the other side and the portal will open allowing you to walk through and be teleported to the other portal.